I believed it was 1 of those "you won the lottery" pranks but the request was genuine, AmericasMart Atlanta wanted a judge for The Atlanta Gourmet Marketplace, and they wanted me for the job. They asked if my calendar was no cost that day. What a strange query, obviously it would be no cost that day.

I was a little nervous regarding the assignment, 5 hours on two gourmet floors, tasting dressings, rubs, candy, snacks, soups and condiments. Was I as much as the activity

Upon arrival I met Todd Mussman from Muss and Turner's We were provided 20 pages of entries, and we stared walking the floors with Bri, our guide from AmericasMart. In an oddly stoic gesture, I did not eat breakfast to save space for all of the delectables. What a misguided selection that was. I quickly ate a lot of toffee at our initially cease replica watch for sale . Pecans, sugar, nuts and butter, sounds like breakfast meals to me. Toffee to Go's Dark Chocolate Pecan Toffee melted in my mouth and produced me smile. replica swiss iwc watches This day was starting off just as I had hoped.

At Strawberry Patch, we snacked on Vidalia? Onion Cheese Grits Bits. Diane Justice tends to make these cheese bits with genuine Vidalia? onions, and you can taste their gentle sweetness. Just after tasting the other entries, we speedily decided that these grits bits had been worthy of a prize.

With a bit of trepidation, we approached Mother Shucker and we had a pleasant surprise at her booth. Old Mother Shucker is not at all old knockoff iwc watches ,and she features a comedic presence that just makes you need to remain and listen. Fortunate for us, her sense of humor was matched by her scrumptious original cocktail sauce and I've been dreaming about generating a Bloody Mary with her mix ever due to the fact. This cocktail sauce is worth the trip to Columbia, S.C., and back.

After enjoying Miss Jenny's Habanero Bread and Butter Pickles , Raven's Nest Specialties' Original Raspberry Jalapeno Jam and Sugar Marsh Cottage's Bittersweet Chocolate Fleur de Sel Toffee Bits, and all of the other specialty foods, I feel I ended the day obtaining completed the food pyramid! fake iwc swiss ? Scrumptious and exciting food, what a lot more could a food judge ask for

(Elisa Gambino may be the owner of Through Elisa Pasta Sauces. Her sauces is often discovered in Entire Foods Markets throughout the southeast and Florida.)

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