Oops I skipped my Birthday!…………….Boho is 2 years old!!I've been so busy lately that I missed my own business?Birthday! I only realised?yesterday, wedding dresses beach so today I just wanted to wish myself?a happy 2nd Birthday and to congratulate myself?on 2 years at Boho Weddings!I posted my first Boho?Blog Post on 11th December 2011 and the Boho Weddings and Events?website went live a week later on 18th December!

This isn't going to be a long post, summer evening dresses I could sit here and list everything I've achieved?over the last 2 years but that isn't really me!Personally I'm incredibly proud of what I have accomplished, so many people?told me?I couldn't do it, wedding planning was something quite new two years?ago, as was blogging. But I proved to myself and those doubters that a lot (and I mean a lot of hard work) can really pay off, midnight blue bridesmaid dresses ,.. pale pink bridesmaid dresses and here I am!I have worked with some amazing brides in my 2 year career, and I have stayed true to my alternative ethos, creating weddings for people who want to do things differently?and luckily??I have some fabulous weddings coming up next year.

I can proudly say the wedding planning has gone from strength to strength!As for the Blog it continues to grow and develop. It?is?something I am incredibly proud off and I plan to push it further next year. When I started there were only a handful of blogs about, but now the market is flooded, so I?am constantly?aware that I need to keep the blog fresh, current and give you what you want to read.So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! Here's to another great year at Boho HQ.
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